HSJ (10-22-1970 / Salisbury, Dominica)

Vive Haiti

The scenes in Haiti defy Expression
After an Earthquake ravaged this defiant nation
7.0 on the Richter scale
That left a heart wrenching dead body trail
Bodies pile up on the streets
As breathing amid the ruins quickly goes to sleep
Hands became shovels
As aftershocks keep the victims unstable
Doors turned in emergency beds
While horrified survivors weakly wailing among the dead
Flashbacks from Hurricane Katrina
And the Tsunami in South East Asia
Haiti you have seen it all
From slavery to political upheavals to economic downfalls
It has been a constant struggle
Now you have to rise above the rubble
Haiti, this awful tragedy
Has become a world peace remedy
From the debris I feel a konpa rhythm
Assuring Haitians that they are going to win
Amongst the horror
I can hear Wycelf echoing Toussaint
In tearful patriotism, “VIVE HAITI

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