Vive Notre Enfer

There is no good in our world
All hope is lost
Kids trying to look like Jack Frost
Turn on the news look who else got shot
Have another boycott
Our politicians are nothing but clowns
Crack under pressure
Have a nervous break down
I'm so sick of the same old stuff
It's time to get tough
Sure enough
I'm so sick of the hate
It's a stalemate
Makes my life stagnate
Can't we just have a break
It's giving me a headache
Racism isn't dead
Don't be mislead
It's widespread
What progress we have made
Is beggining to fade
Might as well bring back the slave trade
Breakout the crusades
Remember this is all man made
This is what we did
God forbid
We can't have peace
For this will never cease

by Jonathan Earnhart

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Comments (2)

Brave utterances set aside for honest contemplation. An insightful piece of poetry embellished in poetic rhyme and rhythm. Thanks for sharing Jonathan.
Welcome to Poem Hunter, Jonathan! A pessimistic outlook, but a well-written poem. A good start for your first one. More to come, I hope.