Vivid Are The Images

You did your best,
To relinquish my involvement.
You released increased,
And decreased my participation,
To have that believed.

Suddenly you are stalled,
At a brick wall.
Hoping to dance upon an empathetic mood.
And I would rush to rescue you.
Showing a forgiveness.

You wish for me to resolve your embarrassment.
Once again...
You have underestimated my creativity!

The fear in your eyes,
Excites my motivation!

Do that begging on your knees,
And pleading thing again!
Add some sincerety!
Hold that pose.
I'd like to capture it for my memoirs.

You don't think I'd be that big of a fool to repeat myself,
Do you?
That is the same pose you gave when we met.

Did you think I would forget,
Impressions that touched and caressed?
Resting an infesting hold upon my mind.
To lay and test emotional affects?
With tears?
I am an artist first!
I thought you knew?
I don't apply my touch to damaged goods to redo!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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