(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Vivid Or In Pastel

It doesn't matter what time of the day it is.
Or the day of the week,
Beliefs systems are employed.
People protest that which has been accepted.
Only to deny the severity of it,
When facing to then object...
To the recommendations and suggestions,
That will effectively correct with direct solutions.

'How dare you tell us we created our own problems?
You don't live here to know that.
And besides...
Whatever you accuse us of neglecting,
Can be attributed to our needs being ignored.'

Who do you blame for ignoring 'your' needs?
Your neighbors, friends or family?
Your beliefs that remaining unconscious,
Will 'someday' deliver to you reality? ~

'We are not here to be offended,
By insinuations.
We are here to get help and nothing else.'

Which color would you like and prefer us to use,
As the dots are connected.
Would you like them vivid or in pastel? ~

'You know where you can go! '

You prefer pastel?
Would you like the directions,
Adorned with arrows as well?
Or should we keep that as your responsibility? ~

'We regard your remarks as being highly insensitive.'

~I'm shocked.
And I had believed them to be empathetic.~

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