So they hacked some computers.
'No big deal' you may say,
'Since their influence steered things
toward the right way'

'They just didn't respect us,
that's why the attack.
So I place all the blame
on the Dems and Barack'

'So we'll get nice and cozy,
Vladimir and me,
since there is just so much
upon which we agree'

'We want to be strongmen
who'll shape history
and we're both such examples
of virility'

'And we'll handle the media
through fear and attack
to ensure truth and balance
shall never come back'

'Admiration and power
is what we adore,
it's the one greatest cause
that we truly live for'

So, Mr. Trump...

When you're there in the Oval
and Europe's alarmed
'cause in Prague and in Warsaw.
the Russians, well armed,

have crossed o'er the borders
and come to reclaim
their former domininons,
then who will you blame?

So why this great bromance?
What's your motivation?
Why would you align
with Vlad and his nation?

Could it be business ties?
Or maybe high debt?
Or maybe dark secrets
you wish they'd forget?

I do not want to think
that it could be such things
but the Russians sure look
like they're pulling your strings.

by The Trumpoet

Comments (2)

He most certainly appears to have skeletons in his closet! Another Good One!
There are many unanswered questions in The US political scene today. I hope recent events are not a harbinger of new political order. Beautiful and very insightful poem. Thanks for sharing..