Vocation ***** Therapeutic Spa Home Service Written

to Chef Arnold Claveria (Eurapean cruiser ship) and his wife(Marco Polo staff) , Sir Mike Peli (ret. police) and his wife Maa'm Vangie(now in U.S.) , Major Nils Rojo(police chief) Ka Nolly Ignacio (VER-ROSE pawnshop Prop.) Ka Allan and Cielo Fernandez (INC church ministers) and to all who were my massage clients and still are,
i dedicate this...........................

Nothing can substitute the touch of hand
the panacea of all illness

Feel the soft touch like heaven
Soothing to your wants
Slowly gliding palm penetrates down
To your ached muscle tissues
Absorb from daily stressful affairs;
Effleurage softens the rocking nerves
Petrissage kneads nodules of mortality

The ball-ended weight of finger press
The crawling, rolling, rain-dropping
Sequences of finger tips
Along meridian trigger points
Striking like a slow-motion bullets
Hitting, targeting, shooting
All impurities of stressful flesh

By the frontier tip of the sole
Corresponding physiological order
By the cliff of scientific manipulations
By the well-matched zoning techniques
By the channel system of fainted glands
Anchored the waves of reflex
Normalizing all fragile, weak
Vulnerable mortal being

Lift me up high
As high as the mind relax as the sky
Bend down my wearied knees
Crack all stressed joints
Gently, please, gently
The numb soul is dancing now
With the flow of rhythmic
Therapeutic elasticity

this poem is strictly for massage therapy only
no extra services
God is watching us!

by Rommel Mark Dominguez Marchan

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A healthful therapy for our body and mind! ! ...A very good service to the people...thanks for the poem...people are encouraged to maintain their good health....