ST (Aug.11,1973 / Manitoulin Island, Ontario)

Voice From The Duat

Isis my love, from The Duat I call
In pieces, Set hath strewn me o`er the Nile lands
Reclaim my corporeal being, from his maul
Our Child-Horus shall avenge, my tanist disbands

In Sidereal Song, we will move again
The Dog Star is thine, Orion is mine
Solar-Ra hath seen us, in Hathor`s Reign
Celestial Nile be nigh us, Silver Light doth shine

Nomarchs on Giza sand, make claim to own
Delta shaped barrows, target our stars
Priestess of The Temple 'On', recite elegic poems
Hence fiefs displace us, war replacing Lotus Flowers

Forget me not, thy love I invoke
My Queen Isis, of Nut`s sky
Geb`s lands now fettered neath Pharaoh`s yoke
Yet, in The Duat, we shall preside

...........................and still The Lioness watches

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