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Voice In The Wilderness
(1961 / Nigeria, West Africa)

Voice In The Wilderness

Poem By Lucy Burrow

'Voice of a Wildebeast? ' she said......
She sort of spat it out
Her lined brow furrowed
In tightly ploughed lines.
'Voice of a Wildebeast! - Ha!
Now I wonder what that sounds like? '
She screwed her face
Then, from the belly
Deep and booming
She repeated herself, amused.....
'Voice of a Wildebeast'
There seemed a moment of total clarity
Her eyes bright
With the same humour
I once loved in her.
I stood quiet
And looked unblinkingly at her satire
Waving sinewy hands
Like horns
Above her nodding head
Her bespectacled face
Mooing insanely!
'No, Gran, ' I said quietly,
'I said I am a VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS'..................

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Comments (10)

An interesting narrative piece that leaves the reader with an enigma to ponder. A nice creation Lucy.
This is an incredible poem! I love the the entire imagery! Awesome!
Funny. Touching. Beautifully written. Lucy, Congratulations on Poem Of The Day!
Lucy, congratulations on your poem of the day.. James McLain
Above her nodding head! ! Thanks for sharing.