A Freetown Of Mine

a Freetown of mine

a city so blessed and divine

surrounded by the tendering hands of the Atlantic sea

like a fresh mother cuddling her first breed of infancy

a Freetown of my mine

a city with pearl of ivy vine

gallantly clipped to the core with the gentle mountains

and the trees made to stand like blushing fountains

a Freetown of mine

a city built to glorify thy maker sign

with it shores naturally habouring league of ship

and it costal beaches pampering visitor to sleep

a Freetown of mine

glowing from the air line

how i wish you were a soul design like a dove

i would have fashioned my heart in the pursuit of your love

ooh you beautiful Freetown of mine

in your presence i will die and rise again to dine

with you in lustful cyclone when the day silences breath fresh dusk

i will call the rain and the sun to mix the earth in order to dress your smell with sweet musk

for i have become lust in the eternity of your greatness

in order to tell the world of how thy maker display your devineness

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Comments (2) interesting poem. Enjoyed the read!
A plate of words, well written