Voiceless In Gaza

I want to leave but can’t
Someone took
A hammer and a nail and struck it
Through my earlobe to the doorpost.
I didn’t choose to be enslaved.

I have to leave but shan’t.
A crook
Stole my master’s meat and kept it
Leaving me guilty for his vanished trust,
A helpless situation now engraved

Upon the doorpost which they want
To look
Bloody for all to pelt with stones, to spit
Upon my gabardine with misspent lust,
Upon this weakling, dumb, depraved.

LRH 2.25.06,
Ex.20, the law misused.

by Linda Hepner

Comments (2)

A sad commentary upon the human condition- would that we all had as much compassion for others as for ourselves. There are numberless ears fastened to endless door posts, and nobody is listening..
Sense of injustice quietly yet powerfully conveyed. Warm regards, Gina.