Poem By Padmore Enyonam Agbemabiese

call me from work with a voice like a rose
tell me gently about the love you hold inside for me
tonight give me love with an opened door to your heart
'cause I want to feel your love by the look in your eyes
for these are the little things that make love so true

our days have grown into seasons of feelings
and as I sit and wonder if forever you'll be mine
something tells me to just keep hope alive
but how long can I eat the bread of sorrow
and drink my tears like wine
these are the little things that make me cry

if I could buy you a rose and call you from work
if I could forever kiss you goodnight
if I could tell you about the love I hold inside for you
I'll tonight open the door to my heart
to make you feel love in the rhythms of my heartbeat
for these are the little things that make love true

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