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Sitting here under an old shady tree I heard
voices of school children from afar;
Though vague in the distance it left me
reminiscing mem'ries of long ago.

Ah, our voices when we were young
And, oh so true!
Untiringly climbing hills and mountains;
Walking and singing in the rain.

We built and shouted our dreams
of who we will be decades from then,
Until our voices echoed in the cliffs;
And thousand times returned to us.

Now, here under the old shady tree,
I mumble, "oh, childhood, where art thou? "
And as the voices vanish,
the echo perpetuates in my heart.

©️2018, Jez Brul, All Rights Reserved

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The fathomless beauty of this poem drags me to read it again and again! Well done! !
We take ourselves back into our distant past and hear those voices of so long ago.
Recollecting the childhood is always pleasant and a poem on it is always beautiful. The poem is mastery of Jez Brul.
Wow... this is a great piece. Reminds me of my childhood!
Simply elegant, It brings back memories of my childhod. what is it with kid n being loud after skol
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