The Cloud

One could not see or think, the heat overcame one,
With a dazzle of square road to challenge and blind one,
No water was there, cow parsley the only flower
Of all May's garland this torrid before-summer hour,
And but one ploughman to break ten miles of solitariness.
No water, water to drink, stare at, the lovely clean grained one.

Where like a falcon on prey, shadow flung downward
Solid as gun-metal, the eyes sprang sunward
To salute the silver radiance of an Atlantic high
Prince of vapour required of the retinue
Continual changing of the outer-sea's flooding sun
Cloud royal, born called and ordered to domination,
Spring called him out of his tent in the azure of pleasure,
He girt his nobleness — and in slow pace went onward
A true monarch of air chosen to service and station;
And directed on duties of patrolling the considered blue.
But what his course required being fulfilled, what fancy
Of beyond-imagination did his power escape to
With raiment of blown silver....

by Ivor Gurney

Comments (4)

Calls to do the right thing for the planet and for the race, since the latter depends on the former, are always to be cherished. They might not always be right, but they have to be listened to and respected, for they come from the right place. A very well composed poem Linda that generates a sense of urgency in the reader by means of your clever repetition, and leaves the right impression on any thinking mind. Excellent work. jim xx
With your permission I would like to copy this and place it on my dunny (toilet) wall at my Yoga studio for perusal as many people as possible. Great structure. Accessible and lyrical and spot-on sentiment. Love.... That's what it's alla bout. Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Linda, great ending, our purpose IS to love! Unfortunately, we find it more purposeful to pollute the world in every sense of the word. Great write! ! Brian your message...Been shurking my business over the past 3 weeks, compliments of my literary rennaisance of sorts, and I'm trying to find a way to find the time to be able to continue on poemhunter on a regular basis.I've certainly been having the time of my life, but at the same time, i have a lovely wife & adoring 12yr. old daughter, who sit together every night, and call into me wondering when I'm going to log-off on the Poetry, and log-on to them, like I did every night up to 3 weeks ago.I've met so many wonderful& talented people like you Linda, and I love to write.I'm in the Advertising/Marketing field, and that means small base+ commission.Lately, like I'm doing right now, I'm up until 5 or 6 am on-line... It's like a drug! Anyway..''.VOICES' IS ANOTHER ORI SMASH...A BIG 10! I hope to juggle things so everyone & everything can be accomodated. WISH ME LUCK......I'll Catch Up With You Soon...ALL MY BEST...Frank ''''''''''''' ~F. J. R.~'''''''''''''