JPN (Jan.1945 / Bihar, India)


The voices I hear when I am asleep,
Ends my quest for the love ones I need,
The dreams may disappear when I awake,
But the voices keep lingering in my thoughts.

The voices may be the whispers of love,
They may be the echoes of train of my thoughts,
The voices may be the desires of the lost love,
They may be the reminders for fulfilling the promises in love.

The voices may be the chatter of loved ones,
That brings me out of sleep and go look for them,
The voice may be the inspirations my heart needs,
That my heart always searches in the world of emptiness.

The dreams I see and voices I hear,
Emanates from the state of mind I am in,
Happiness brings sweet dreams and music,
Emptiness brings nightmares and voices I do not want to hear.

by Jay P Narain

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