Voices In The Head

Poem By Wojja Fink

Voices in the head can drive people nuts
Always full of me and ifs and buts
If you can stay calm they’ll all go quiet
And you’ll be happy on a voice free diet

You wake up in the morning and they start up again
Before you’re out of bed they complain about the rain
Even when it’s sunny they wear a cloud
And make you feel a fool when they speak out loud.

Always full of grumps often with the groans
You can hear them coming they start up with the moans
Don’t listen to them they’re only made of thought
If you try to add them up they always come to nought.

Don’t pay them any attention they don’t deserve your time
They could never make a poet they haven’t any rhyme
If you can stay calm they’ll all go quiet
And you’ll be happy on a voice free diet.

(after reading Bethany)

Comments about Voices In The Head

Over and over in your head Of what somebody might of said Just trying to ease your mind Only then, You might draw the line It really is time to get at my filing, Thanks for sharing Wojja
very true, voices need to change most of the time and life can get diffiicult when your mind takes control of you!

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