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Voices Of Terror
TR (1995/08/19 / limpopo)

Voices Of Terror

Poem By thabang ramafhi

voices of terror,
they bring horror.
Destroy you and leave you hollow,
destroy you from deep,
deep like in your bone marrow

voices of terror,
they confuse me like chemistry.
They remind me of my incapability,
to make me loose my identity.
Success and bright future,
to them is just fantasy.

voices of terror.
i wake up in the middle of the night,
hearing my parents voices,
to open my eyes to reality,
to realise that they are not there.

voices of terror,
open wounds that have healed ages ago,
voices of terror, i hear them
you hear them, we all hear them.
they are suicidal, homicidal,
we say they are natural.
They tell me to over dose pills,
jump of the hill,
go to a restaurant and runaway,
without paying the bill.
And my own soul to kill

voices of terror,
they remind me of the possibility,
that any day i could receive a call,
that im no longer needed in varsity premises,
due to my inability to pay tuition fees.
voices of terror,
they oppose my mission.
my vision to change the world
voices of terror
they bring horror,
they leave you hollow and shallow,
they tell me daily,
that there might be no tomorrow,
cause life is something we borror.

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Comments (4)

A reality face by many. We face voices of horror daily but we must overcome else we fall prey to them. Great write.
You have a lot of capability dear...keep on writing thumbs up! Mature thinking....like it
Nice one fellow Venda
A haunting poem, Thabang. Thanks for sharing. Peace