(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Voices Silky Smooth

An ugly old witch on the Internet comments
she's a singing coach and music teacher and
opera diva to boot & how dare beautiful young
girls with voices silky smooth enter these talent
competitions and worse, how dare audiences
like them and let them win and allow them to
sing divine music reserved for the old and the
mediocre and classically trained with fog-horn
voices who sing a big orchestra into cowering,
the audience must go listen to them - MUST
listen to these trained singers - so I did and
they sound awful; Why, the jealous old coach
laments, do people like ethereal voices when
they have fog-horns at their disposal - I'll tell
you why, Mistress Mediocre: because the old
foghorns sound awful! while an Amira sounds
lovely; the old coach continues in sackcloth &
ashes: How dare she raise her voice, I predict
spitefully - and mean it as curse and prophecy-
that she will lose her voice to show that singing
high notes is reserved for foghorn divas, it's not
a choice for the young, but a vocation only to be
enjoyed by the trained who've lost all ability for
interpretation, all beauty & talent through over-
training; thus the ugly old witch tries to cast an
evil spell; but the angels are lithe and fast and
keep the young princess of Music safe...

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