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Voices Whispering In The Dark

Voices Whispering In The Dark
Written by: Wilfred Charles Mellers
Tuesday, December 10,2013

I hear echoes down the hall
My name they sometimes call
You don't know me very well
Stories contrived told truly I tell
Moonstruck I heard them whisper
Ever their voices clearer grows crisper
Stop screaming I hear you fine
Chills run up and down my spine

Conversations had I in my head
Spoken words nothing said
More thoughts on rumors they spread
Eating lime on molded bread
Rocky the road lays ahead
The high road I should've taken instead
The truth was never truly fed
White walls painted black and red

Should've listened, should've tried
False hope filled with stupid pride
Waiting for the hurricane to subside
On the wind, that blows far and wide
A pale horse misery shall ride
Faster steed with greatest of stride
The cure that the doctor won't prescribe
Encounters hard and difficult to describe

Voices in my head they speak
Footstep by the door they creek
Faucets drip and eventually leak
Sounds in the dark they shriek
Wide awake desperately wanting to sleep
Promises I just couldn't keep
In too far and down too deep
Insanity starts to bellow I bawl and weep

Phantasies wings start to sprout
Phantoms they all want to shout
Frankfurters severed lacking sauerkraut
Purpose I am now such in doubt
This the unfortunate turnabout
Words spoken lacking any clout
For all the years I spent without
Left alone to face the fallout

Sunshine fades from yellow to black
Shadow people are talking back
Food for thought left only a snack
Feelings left still I to unpack
The mind seeks reasons to distract
Never given proper time to react
Left to myself to interact
The heart flounders no longer left intact

Why does the madness stare at me?
Like this is how I planned it to be
Once filled with life and full of glee
What lies inside no one can see
So the voices shout out aloud
Storms brings forth a thundercloud
It makes perfect sense and it's so clear
For this no other bothers to hear

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