JPC (15th of December,1980 / Sorsogon, Philippines)


Because I am so tormented inside.
And i despise moments like this.
I feel hollow,
so empty that it almost
makes me realize
that I am reduced to nothing-
nothing but pieces of a shattered soul.
I feel helpless.

Where this life is headed?
It comes so undefined now
like a whirlpool curse cast upon me.
Yet what chance any answer could give,
in this struggle
that pushes me almost permanently buried.
Weeping comes so tiring
at this time.

To whom I could turn to?
Now that I appear
Isn't it but without sense
if I try to call your attention
when I exactly believe
you couldn't hear
my quivering voice?
Lest could you see
I am dying.

For now, where could I find the tiniest reason to breathe?

by Jose 'Pepe' Carrascal

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