Poem By micheal udenyi

I feel an emptiness inside of my soul
the things i love i hate the m just so
Oh love! love! do i mean hate
nothinhg matters, not even fate

When i sleep, empty nights
vain dreams vain academic light
I have not eaten for a night or two
may be its the cause, cause i'm hungry too

Poor me! no appetite for diet meal
I hate me, no not me
fear, fear, yea of the future
the great future renown

Damn dirty dealings dreary dad
thou doth make me much mad
that wonderful trick of nature do vent
and I resign to parent my parents

I disown all paternal links
shall I disdain the maternal bond-wink
all is gross, all is cruel, I am forgotten
but I see in the future-mirror crowds knocking on my begotten

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