(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Volunteered To Admit

Groomed to appease.
Those with visions of ideals.
And a society,
And controlled by hypnotics.

Gone are the issues and facts.
Gone to prioritize,
Is common sense to want it back.
Image to give.
And impressive personalities.
Taking minds unconscious.
Easily loosened,
From grounded tightened bolts.
Exposing nuts unglued.
Overdosed on delusions.
Begging to be seduced.
And cheering to be fed.

Conscious and aware.
Others arrive.
As if to rescue,
The many tricked and duped.
But too cartoonist they have become.
Feeding on fantasies.
And demanding more of it to come.
Leaving even those,
Dependable to offer their pretensions.
And vague intended concerns.
Announce they are too embarrassed.
By a show continuing,
To be publicly accepted and displayed.
That they have volunteered to admit.
Never would they allow themselves,
To charade at the expense...
Of losing the falsity of their masked faces.

These are serious times we live."

You can say that again.
But don't.
When it is noticed,
That those who begin...
Admitting they pretend.
A reality no one has known,
Is about to be revealed.
That has nothing to do,
With who accepts it as truth or not.
But the real deal it will be.
And it won't be blond or blue eyed.
Or have naps to dread.
Eating delicious fajitas.
Be you Muslim, Christian or Jew.
What arrives...
Will prove useless,
All stupidity.
Even the ignorance we protect.
And have come to love.

"How do you know this? "

My mother use to tell me,
Many many long years ago...
I didn't come home to clean up your mess.
If I have to do it.
Because you find excuses not to.
Guess who will pay the price,
For advice you keep ignoring.

"Your mom was wise."

I don't know about that.
But she did swing a mean belt.

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