I'Ll Hide Behind The Mask Of Denial

Here goes my heart on a lonely track
The pain builds up but yet I seem satisfied
My body is untouched and unseen of the cuts
Yet my mind and emotions are clearly damaged
But here I go just as I've always done
I'll be the strong one, I'll be the one
To sit above the rest and pretend everything's fine
When inside I want to cry and expose the pain locked in my eyes
So here I go, fool the best
No one can see past the fake smile I've perfected
Ask me once, I'll tell you I'm all right
But listen to my voice carefully
You'll hear the sadness linger there
Yet once again I'll be the ringleader to this act
So let the sky grew dark with fear
Let my tears disappear so no one can hear
I'll be the one with my head high
I'll whip the tears from my eyes
And be the one who's always been strong
The one who never breaks down?
Yet everyone depends on me
What's left for me to depend upon?
Why did I have to grow so quickly?
Why was I not aloud to experience what it was like to be me?
So here I hide my thoughts and dreams
Here I expose how my heart really feels
Lost between love, hate, and sorrow
Between parents, relationships and self loathing
I know you may not see me as the type to cry
You might not see me as the type to show emotions
But just because you cannot see my pain
And cannot hear about my sorrows
Dose not mean I am all right
Ever heard of covering up your emotions
I've perfected it so well
Sometimes I even believe my self

by Kellyn, A Grau

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