Voting On Ph

It does seem to me
that readers are most apt
to vote with thumbs,
it seems a fact.

Thumbs up
well that is ten
Thumbs down
that's one;
you know 'one of them'

Not many readers realise,
ten fingers can spring to life,
offering a rainbow
of shades of joy you find
'tween the digits two and nine.

Two, well perhaps two fingers up,
and three; things are looking up.
Four, you just might, come back for more.
Five, so difficult to decide?
Six, reader happy, just a bit,
and seven, almost a hit.
Eight! Go on AND a comment make.
Nine... For me a prize!
The best I can hope
from a reader that's not just
a thumbs up bloke.

by David Taylor

Comments (2)

*waving madly* - I'm not a thumbs-up BLOKE! :) t x
What a delightful read David! Let me be the first to give you a '10', no mention of that in your note! HG: -) xx