MM (6/3/95 / Anonymous)

Vow For Eternity

You will never know how much
You mean to me,
More than the sky,
More than the sea,
More than any guy,
I'll ever meet.

You are the one,
The one for me.
I'll never let you go,
Unless you want to be free.

I miss your gold-green eyes,
I miss your silly smile,
I miss the way we were,
But you've only been gone a while.

I can't go an hour
Without thinking of you.
I can't leave you
Like you left me, too.

I know it's not your fault,
You had to visit your dad.
But whenever you leave me,
It makes me impossibly sad.

I'll love you
Until the day I die.
To make you happy forever,
I promise I'll try.
For eternity.

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