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Vows To My Friends (Dedicated To All My Present And Future Friends)

I will always love my friends,
Forever or until my life ends.
I will treat them with respect,
Even when long days make me feel like a tiny speck.

I vow to hug them tight,
When nothing seems to be going right.
I propmise to be true,
Because there is nothing better i can do.

I promise to open up,
To those of them that feel beat up!
My friends, i can keep a secret,
Im the one you can tell and not feel regret.

These are the vows to my friends,
I promise to love you till the end.

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Comments (5)

That is very nice poem. Bien!
briliant poem, well done, if only all friends were like you, good write: 0)
23000+++ i <3 this! !
just correct this dear- propmise to be true. lovely write, u increased the worth of being friends
O You are some blessing on your friends........... very nice you confident girl just keep on writing 10+++