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Voyage Across The Sea
( / Frackville, Pennsylvania)

Voyage Across The Sea

Sailing across the vast sea,
On a ship filled with promising dreams,
And blindly steering an unknown course
Charted by uncertain schemes.
A perilous voyage to a remote shore,
Always longing for a place to be free
Like the seafaring people before them,
Challenging the restless and uncharted sea.
No comfortable living quarters on the ship.
No refuge from the savage gales.
No voice shouting, ' Land in sight, '
As on, and on, and on, the ship sails
In command of an old, bearded captain,
The fate of the crew and passengers in his hands,
Confident that his knowledge of the sea
Will guide them to promised lands.

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ok, this is a great poem, i can see me packing my stuff, and sailing away...............