Voyage Of The Traveler

Poem By Meghan

take my hand and I will tell you a story
set your weary head on my lap
and lay your bones by my feet...

I follow where my feet will take me
it doesn't matter the path you take,
as long as you're walking
the direct is in the rhythm
from within my heart it's given
the eyes I greet, the people I meet
are an endless flow and sometimes
you can touch a piece of their soul
without any words at all
cause no matter where you go in the world
a smile is universal
and although you are one
you're never really alone at all
if you keep the poise of your soul
and it's the dream of the Earth that you hold
there is no reason to be miserable
it's all within yourself, anywhere you go
and no one can buy that or let it be sold
and if it ever feels wrong
just close your eyes and hear your song
go beat beat beat in that little chest of yours
and that alone should be enough
to put the mind at ease
a piece of peace, if you please
[feel your hands and your feet
your toes and your nose
and that should be all you need
to let the anxiety go]
this is one thing I'm sure
so enjoy yourself cause
you and the world are beautiful

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