DL (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

Voyeuristic Energies

Patrician dames masked to avoid the shame of offering,
They parade themselves, offering pleasure for pay.

Voyeuristic energies flow strong in the blood of man and woman alike.
Each seeks a secret knowledge unknown to those left in the light, unable to see out into the darkness. These dark comedies of our suburbs watch close in observance the moving
Pictures of our life’s. Perceiving life through a silver screening, how are you ever to know
Whether or not you are dreaming?

These comedies dark repulse the society that dare not admit its instinctive fetish,
To know, to know and remain unknown in knowing. They repulse in an invasion of
A privacy that does not exist. The threat of power.

The window allows the seer to remain unseen
As our homes become their T.V screens.

However the window allowed the seer to be
Seen by those passers by who deem their
Time elastic enough to spend the time staring
Beyond the gleam of the sunlight glazing.
Dazed, galvanised souls are left upon the
Other side of morning, awaiting in anticipation
The Dawn.

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