Vulgar Disclosure

Chained to the past ride the wings of despair
Corroded and rusted trust beyond repair
In this triumph of the wills I won't be overrun
The pride that is instilled cannot be overcome
Reach out for redemption it bites the hand that needs
Neglect becomes rejection the silence sounds retreat

Raise the stakes what have we got to lose
no choice in sight where's our right to choose
you cant catch a break so take what you can
just ignore the blame you don't understand
cracked picture frames blood stains on the mattress
ashes to ashes - gas cans and matches
bourbon buries all the memories
anything to wash it all away

Locked Away In A Cage
My Rage Has Got The Best Of Me
Time Finds A Way Each Day
Of Leaving Less Of Me Behind
I Find This Fight Must Be Won
Inside The Mind
So Uptight And Confined
Often Blinded By The Light

I've Got To Find Piece Of Mind
And A Place To Rest

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Well. your weird mkay? mkay sure you know that