(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


Do not 'assume' I am not aware,
Of the nonsense you pass under my nose.
Or with your doing of it makes it okay.
My eyes and ears are never closed to your doings.

Underestimating with an undermining done,
From the comfort of your couch...
Does not mean you have the keys,
That have opened the door to my vulnerabilities.

Do not 'assume' I am not aware,
Or that I am not prepared...
To use the tools I've learned to entrap fools,
Believing my mind is out to lunch.

Do not 'assume' I am not a collector of fools,
To munch and crunch as a preference.
Nor should you perceive my tolerance level,
To be so high as to allow a sneak to weaken me.

Do not assume I use an approach,
That can be effectively encroached upon.
But I will say this...
Your attempts will teach us both a few lessons.

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