(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


I live to find ways,
I can stay vulnerable.
With an innocence fresh from a childhood.
Long before cellphones and computers,
Were created to torment...
Parents and teachers too slow to control,
The exposure unpreventable...
To consent to an unforgiving,
Bombardment of today's unrelenting decadence.

Attempting vulnerability at the age of 71.
Can be fun to portray a naive outlook.
And have it believed by those much younger.
You know...
Those folks yet to reach 21.
And accept to believe anyone over 50,
Haven't done anything but grow old.
With a need to have a child,
Explain the meaning of life and how it works.
For whatever the reason,
Remaining vulnerable to that perception...
Has made my old aspirations,
Kept fresh as if still budding on a vine.

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