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~vulnerable... Waiting...

i feel vulnerable..spilling my guts right infront of you..
standing in the middle of the road tellin you i love you.
looking at the moon thinking everything will be alright,
when nothin is going my way, and everything is lost.
holding my heart in my hand wishing you would take care of it.
only to see after a while my heart is break and ripping apart.
i feel vulnerable now.. as i speak and type all my emotions down.
i stand here today.. waiting for you...
wishing you would open up to me..
some how.. someway.. im here..
waiting for you.. holdin my heart in my hand..
tears running down my face, as i hide the tears.
my fears are building up inside me..
torn apart from my love, and what i should do..
i stand here. waiting... and waiting..
for you...

by Dislocated Heart

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who r u waiting for baby? this was an excelent piece i always enjoy reading ur work