(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Vultures Who Dress To Impress

Who or what else is next for you to address,
To again blame for a mess.
Deep rooted in unadmitted insecurities.

Finger pointing and mouth pouting done.
'Yourself' the main one...
Dismissed from failures created.

Enemies easy to once select and pick,
Aren't so abundant or quick to solicit.
Those 'Peter and the Wolf' days fade.

A reliance on government officials...
Abound with the surrounding of internal corruption.
And distorting images cleansed by deceit!

Sweet cheese teasing to bait weak mice on Wall Street...
Has been eaten by the rats.
And they...
By those fat cats purring and wanting more.

Take a deep breath!
Those of you who viewed yourselves,
Next in line to dine as royalty.
With your assets protected!

Those trusted to enhance the feeding of your greed,
Have found exits with few left.
Leaving a patheticness to bleed.

And how can those historically disrespected,
Be connected or suspected?
When all of them had been fed like pigeons.
And not the Swans you wished to reflect.

It seems those you hand selected to protect your nest...
Have picked over the best and ran.
Did you think loyalty associates itself with gluttony?
Or crumbs from a feasting would be left on your plate?

Why would you ever believe,
Vultures who dress to impress...
Would have manners?

Or that cannibals when feeding,
Have concerns of etiquette.
While eating each others' flesh?
That is why your nest has been left in a mess!
And all of your eggs are gone.

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