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Poem By Edi Miszti

Living in a jungle of thoughts
Near the animated scenery
The river that’s flowing in my mind
Has been there for quite some time
But the seeds of inspiration
Have not grown their roots yet
because my thoughts continualy evolve
and the seeds have no time for adaptation
Now I open my eyes
I see beauty I see questions
I do not even need an answer
Because I just watch and ask myself
and think that an answer would ruin the heavenly scene
I watch and gaze at it
As I would observe the immensity of the ocean
I just stop thinking
The seeds are overvelming with inspiration

I open my eyes for the second time
I see the Pil, Wandering in the schools wilderness
not even thinking at the place he should go! HA!
That is Paul for you!
! I close my eyes I open them again!
There is Vince, playing his guitar, writing his lyrics
Becoming one with music!
! HA!
! I close them and open them once again!
It is me.... Talking to the teacher about the righteousness of the questions asked
I criticized him, He attacks, surprised

I continue my life with this mind breaking pace
using surrealism for every little pleasure
! I wake up!
Vince: What’s wrong man?
I: Just thinking
! I open them!
I can see them. All the mind twisting, thought breaking,
maniac smashing things
What are they?
Things: We are the ones
I: I see
! I wake up!
Ah, Just Living!

Crazy, are you not sire?
Maybe I am, but I will not be brought away. I am here to stay.
To think about the unmatched trippiness you can create
but never control, Detain
but never imprison, Harm
but never kill
Hmm, are you sure sir?
I am sure that I am here, I think
Are you sure that I am the one controlling you?
Sir, I am sure you are
Are we sure that we are just I?
That I cannot think That I cannot tell

I related my thoughts to the stuff my mind cannot figure out
I explain sanity:
Sanity is a word made up to explain people that are not interesting
That is a bit arrogant, Sir
Shut up or I will give you a handout.
! I open my eyes!
Teacher: Hey, can you please shut up.
I: You should shut up incompetent teacher.
You cannot even pronounce Wax.
! Hmm, I wish I said that to him!
When your falling:
Is the ground coming towards you
or are you running towards the ground?

Oh, seeds, are you growing yet?
Mix whisky with ale
become drunk and escape from hell
be greedy get the money
go home and have intercourse with your honey
Ah, violent lyrics of a pacifist man
But I should stop my mind
cause I have been writing since the first lesson....
School is soo repetitive
Writing poems breaks the circle
Let’s talk about an argument
What should it be? Life, God, Death, Woods, Flower, Bed, Crayons?
Ah, Training

I train every day, almost, why do I do it? Why should I?
Wars are fought with weapons, manpower is futile
Well, first thing is that training makes me think
that I have done something in the day
Looking strong helps you prove a point and you might be respected
But the reason I do it mostly is because it makes me Happy
Colorize the color your implying, with words and green
the ones that

In the age I am living
My mind is bringing trippines and trippy stuff
We are the ones that see but cannot sense
You are the ones that are blind and have no rest
All are the ones that see and sense
Impossibility is the phrase written above
Protected by the hated society
Shut up, be patient and wait for death
I am already waiting with my Straw Hat
But I just want to salute and thank him
Because he brought
Life transmigration

The seeds once again disappear
and they once again changed
The river is over flooded
My mind is over stimulated
Are you Insane?

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