MP (8-6-60 / Philipines)

Wacky Sweet Mama

Yo wacky mama
Are u addicted to the Cop
I love to talk with you
But sometimes you don't stop

Yo wacky mama
How much love can u give
You talk so much
The whole world knows where u live

I love your fancy hair
I love your pretty smile
But do me a favor
Shut the hell up for awhile

How many butts a day
Do u constantly load
And with all the hot air u blow
How come u don't explode

U light a fire for your smoke
But your a fire breathin' dragon
How does the cop put up with your shit
And your constant friggin' naggin'

Sometimes when u talk
U talk with love and desire
But mostly when u talk
You shoot flames of fire

U are a Queen
U should wear a crown
But sometimes I think your giant boobs
Are wearing you down

You are a funny lady
I love when u are a clown
But sometimes wacky mama
You are exhausting to be around

U never shut up
U need to rest your mouth
U need to keep quiet
Before your bikerboy heads south

U need to listen more
And hear what others say
And if u can't stop talking
Tell the cop to lock you away

But no matter what I may think
You have a giant heart full of good
But sometimes when u talk
U wake the whole neighborhood

Hang out with the brokeback man
Lock yourselves in a cage
Shout out to each other
Until u both get over your rage

U need to hang with the old crying woman
Scream at her to smile
Tell her that life is not over
And to be happy once in awhile

Scream at your oldest niece
Tell her to find a home
Just because you howl at the moon
Doesn't mean someone will throw u bone

U are full of wisdom
U have a soft gentle touch
But listen u wacky sweet mama
U talk to friggin' much

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