(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Wade In The Water

I admit to once being an alcoholic.
Needing to drink wine everyday...
When in the 1970's.
And I smoked more weed,
Than I believed could be grown.
I wouldn't and couldn't touch that mess,
Too many chemicals added.

I can't think of anyone,
Who has experimented sexually...
With both men and women.
And please don't ask me my preference.
I don't want to seem confused about the issue.

Name a sickness or disease.
I know I had to have had it.
I have had military experience,
To prove I am patriotic.
Plus I loved my parents so much...
I sacrificed my own life to be at their side.

'That's great news.
Glad to hear this.
What is the purpose?
What is your intent? '

I may consider running for public office.
And I can not think of anyone else...
More qualified than I.
I am not one to profess to walk on water.

Why are you standing in the middle of that pool?
To prove,
What? '

I can wade IN the water.
But I have not determined,
The best way to walk ON it...

'What about your religious beliefs? '

Why do you think I am wading,
In the middle of this pool?
That should answer your question,
And remove any doubt you have...
About me being a believer.

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