Wade In The Wave

Every stone I cast
on water ripples

to the edge of an unknown

and when in time
another stone skims past

the hand I know not
rippling why

the choosing of the rock

its color and touch
immortal, divine.

(Previously published in Poetry: Soul to Soul, July 2004; World's Strand Anthology,2007)

by Laurence Overmire

Comments (4)

I never got past four skips....but this poem is definately ten skips in my book. Well done!
Good poem. I like the way it works on more the one level. I found myself slightly disjointed by the ambiguity of the reference of the last line ('immortal, divine'): it seems to me to refer to the choosing of the rock, and not its characteristics, yet the construction suggests that its characteristics are what are referred to as 'immortal, divine', a suggestion I'm more skeptical about. If you'd like to sharpen the reference, you could include the rock's characteristics within parentheses, and remove the line space within the last four lines: 'remembers the choosing of the rock (its color and touch) immortal, divine.' It really depends upon your intention. I really like the lines 'the hand I know not rippling why' Lovely.
Lovely work, bringing back wonderful memories of my husband and boys skimming stones every time we went to the beach. I think 5 or 6 skims was their record. Thanks for this. 10 from Tai, skimming but not in that way!
Ah, yes... the perfect rock! Interesting write! Brian