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My Life Story

My Life Story

</>My mind is wandering through unknown dimensions
Looking for the answers to the impossible questions
I freeze as I see my dreams unfold
This is the start to my story untold
I grew up in a childhood full of corruption
Always found myself relying on some kind of destruction
As a child I was abused and misused
Turned and looked at always being accused
I know what it feels like to be put in that situation and not being prepared
Taken advantage of, dreams ripped apart
Picked up thrown down like it’s some kind of art
Gave in at the age of twelve
My dignity was all I keep to my self
Caught myself always looking for the the ultimate satisfaction
Never thought I’d only find a minor fraction
Gave into drugs and started drinking beer
Trying anything to drown out the fear
Took a sip of liquor
Thought it would make the process even quicker
But all it did was make my mind even sicker
Been forced to give up control
Took a look at the bowl
Hoping that if I hit it, it would fill in the gaping hole
Deep within trying to regain my self esteem
Tears continue to roll down my cheeks like a continuously flooding stream
Regaining my life mechanics
I’m putting my foot down no more foolish antics
Finding happiness getting respect
Looking forward to life not knowing what to expect
My mind is still pondering on what’s going to happen
But I just sit back and relax, waiting for the day I get my wings and start laughing

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Comments (4)

I never got past four skips....but this poem is definately ten skips in my book. Well done!
Good poem. I like the way it works on more the one level. I found myself slightly disjointed by the ambiguity of the reference of the last line ('immortal, divine'): it seems to me to refer to the choosing of the rock, and not its characteristics, yet the construction suggests that its characteristics are what are referred to as 'immortal, divine', a suggestion I'm more skeptical about. If you'd like to sharpen the reference, you could include the rock's characteristics within parentheses, and remove the line space within the last four lines: 'remembers the choosing of the rock (its color and touch) immortal, divine.' It really depends upon your intention. I really like the lines 'the hand I know not rippling why' Lovely.
Lovely work, bringing back wonderful memories of my husband and boys skimming stones every time we went to the beach. I think 5 or 6 skims was their record. Thanks for this. 10 from Tai, skimming but not in that way!
Ah, yes... the perfect rock! Interesting write! Brian