She carried a soul away,
Like a soft wind
Carries a feather with
No known destination...

The eyes have it,
Lucid agreement and
Reckless abandon on
The head of a pun.

His quiver was
Never so soft as
A child asking eternal questions,
Never so bold

Yes, she carried a soul away...

A matter of shock still
Subterfuge, a hiding of
The harmless monster,
While hunting leprechaun gold

Memory, fleeting faces
Intentionally haunting
To not wash so cleanly as
Blood from MacBeth's hands.

Dreams bring the soft
Touches of the ghost
Lover's hand,
The prayer of fulfillment and hope

True knights have died for less.

So she carried a soul away today.
While his heart circumnavigates
A lonely wheel of time
The face of a single plane of eternity.

The queen of love works
Silent and swift,
Armed for war
Demanding the return of both.

by Tsani Jones

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