VW (17-04-1969 / India)


When I feel poignant for something and someone
I prefer to shed it with words than with tears
When I ardently await for a dropp of nectar
Stances are put on paper through my thoughts!

When I give vent to my wait for the bliss
The bird inside me gets its melody of moist
May be the song may loose its sound track
But the emotion inside will be fervently strong!

All bumpy puzzles linger as if it’s a swirl wind
Routines take away the sway of pounding bangs
At the background the mood twists like a toast
Still looks calm and cool with the sight of cloud!

I look at dark sky, which awaits rise of moon
I ponder over the cuckoo’s zeal for string
I know the fruits yield after a tough winter
I realize planter’s yearn for a cloudburst!

Its true, flow of river never forgets to join sea
Wind never awaits anyone to get its move
Clouds hover over the sky without stop
Lightening ever comes with beaming shine!

With all the quiver and shiver I pursue
I hang around with mind and heart at it
I prefer let it disembark on its own
That’s how I take this ‘WAIT’ in my stride.


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Comments (2)

very well written... a peek into ur thinking...if i may a poetic way of opening up great write and well.......alluring! ! ... ;)) cheers and ten
Vidi this is so beautiful, vivid imagery, smooth flow. i like the line- i prefer let it disembark on its own 10+ thanks MAMTA