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Poem By Elizabeth Darkeagle

As the sun goes down,
I wait for you
As the darkness falls all around,
I am still waiting
You said sunset,
So where are you?

I met you here last night,
We talked 'till sunrise
Then you had to leave,
You said sunset
And so I wait.

I see something,
in the corner of my eye
Its you,
Your coming
As I knew you would.

You stand by me,
In your warm embrace
You hold me,
I feel you kiss my neck
Its like heaven.

A little prick,
I feel woozy
I say no,
A whisper so soft
He cant hear it.

I fall,
No longer able to stand
But he catches me,
As I hear him say dont be afraid
My vision goes black.

I awake in the woods,
alone and lost
He calls to me,
Above the frost
I am weak,
yet he calls to me.

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