Wait For Me

Wait for me my love, for I fear I'm young but fine
Sooner or later we shall make merry and drink wine
We shall joyfully dance around wild fires and rejoice
Because I'm free and would not heed my parents voice
Or are you in a rush just to defile my fine linen bed
Dare you not, else my parents will surely have me dead
My love, my heart, don't ever let us ruin our future
Someday, Somewhere in time, I'll be your wife for sure
We'll be married together, runaway and even live faraway
So don't be such in a haste to put me in the family way
Waiting for me is perfectly right and can never be wrong
I'll obey my parents although it's with you that I belong
I'll keep myself pure and whole for you and one question
Will you wait for me 'cause in your eyes I see frustration

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