Wait, My Soldier Boy

One day and counting
It spans more than twenty four
Ive only now just left you
But now im back and wanting more

The sun is halted, in suspense
A frozen ball of fury
Captured by a hanging clock
Time's never in a hurry

I see your words, and hear your voice
And I am stunned to silence
A choice of mine, I did not take
To you, it won't make sense

How can it be, the ones I love
Can stand on ground divided?
With words like knives, and hearts like stone
Hatred can only stand united

I cannot say what I truly feel
My words cannot describe
The panic in my aching heart
The bleeding is inside

I love you, true
But I love him too
For both, my heart is ripping
And so I stand
Upon the wall
It's blood my eyes are dripping

He is me, and I am him
Ambivelance though there is
To stand between is to be hurled down
And left in anguishing silence

So stand up straight
My soldier boy, and stick out your broad chest
For Waiting is the only thing
Please, darling, try your best

And one day soon I will return
To run into your heart
And gather all the pieces dropped
And we will never be apart

by Fallen Too Far

Comments (2)

I agree with Colin J here...that second stanze is a doozie! Liked the whole poem.
Captured by a hanging clock... You have caught that moment... lovely poem, Colin J...