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Wait-Start Over
PN (Oct 1983 / Canada)

Wait-Start Over

Poem By Punk Nona

I am not as dumb
as I sometime appear-
I'm very good at playing it
as it needs to be played.
Sure, I admit I'm an airhead-
I do stupid things on occasion:
like leave moronic messages
on your answering machine
30 or so, because you don't
ever pick up when
I'm ready to talk.
And okay, I've behaved
like a blubbering idiot
almost everytime you've seen me-
Hold on, can I start over?

I am not as naive as
I almost always appear.
I'm well aware of what's
happening in the world
around me-
i just chose to ignore it.
I mean, there's enough
going on in my head
all the time
without having to think
about natural disasters
crocked politicians
limbless children
and saving the whales.
I mean, come on
it happens.
wait, can I start over?

I am not as selfish
as I'm sure I appear.
I give, when the cause is noble
or... interesting..?
I mean, I'm always helping out
the little guy.
I bend over backwards
for those I love.
I'm always
willing to do
a reasonable favor
if I have the time, and am able
I'm not a frickin doormat, you know!
Wait, wait- I swear
I'll get it right this time.

There is a point to all this.
What I'm trying to say-
What I want to say is
I am a wonderful, beautiful person
inside and out.
Take a little time on me;
I'm shy
a bit neurotic
occasionally an emotional idiot-
But I'm so worth it.
So, can we start over?

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