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Waited Too Long...
RJ (25-11-1983 / srikakulam)

Waited Too Long...

Poem By rakesh jaddu

Waiting to die, he reflected on his past.
Waiting for the right time,
He let life pass.

A life of deceit he had lived,
Only managing, to deceive himself!

In the wait for perfection,
He waited too long,
He forgot to live life all along…

His story was that of the child,
Who failed to grow up,
Because he laid waiting,
For the right time to become a man!

His story was that of the man,
Who waited for his sleeping beauty to awake,
When all he needed to do,
Was wake her up!

His was the story of striving for success,
When life, was already filled with excess.

….now he wants to live his life,
When all he has left,
Are a few moments of strife…

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Living life to the fullest Never hiding behind locked doors Open your heart and mind And you'll know what is there Very nicely done! !