Waitin' For The Cool*

Up at four
And out the door
Get things done
For' th' rising sun

Day break
Making rounds closin' gate(s)
Time's come
Cattle in pens waitin' for some

Select those with big balls
Heifers and babies not on call
Trucks ready for long haul
Fore th' heat melts road tar and all

Auction sparse like before
Drought here and evermore
Cows thin and get'n thinner
Grass is done for th' summer

Few who brought cattle here
Wait to hear the auction'er
Will get the check in the mail
Can't bear to hear the Missus wail

Why, why, why she sez, why
Do we put up with this way
Cousin in town's got gov'ment pay
No need to work day after day

Sell rest of stock
And pay off most of "hock"
Load up the truck
An say goodby to this circle f..k

In the city no friends anywhere
No body seeems to care
Get the card to pay the groc'ries
Free med, food and rent supporties.

Riot on street next to ours
People out night to all hours
Take it, it's free
Seems to be the cry of "liberty"

Then I woke up and looked
Livin' here by the book.

* Forecast was wrong
Broiling sun's begun
Back in the shade
With Marcus de Shade


by Sidi J. Mahtrow

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