Poem By Jay Something

waiting for that moment
when everything is clear
that time is getting near

The release that comes
and the relief you feel
to know the end is near

Taking your last breath
is this really real?
a thousand miles an hour
thoughts dissapear

all the hurt and hopelessness
you will no longer feel
in this dark void theres nothing
to fear.

Comments about Waiting

First of all Jay I am happy you submitted this poem because it is so important to release your feelings as an outlet some way...and many times for me it gives me clarity into what I am feeling and maybe where I am going wrong in my feelings. This poem reads as a suicide note...I pray that is not what it is because there is much to fear in death if you are not right with GOD.Also maybe your pain, usually temporary pain will be over but you will cause pain to many that Love you.Suicide is not the answer I know this and have lost people to it.The sun always rises again and there is always a chance things will get better if you wait it out and have Hope for a brighter day. If you need to talk I am here for you.Honestly i will be if you need it. Best thing you could do though is go talk to someone who can help you. As for your poem I thank you 4 sharing and I will pray for you.Keep writing your poetry holds promise. God Bless. Shelley

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