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MW (February 23rd / Hanover, Michigan)


Poem By Michele Weston

But what am I waiting for?
A knight on a white horse,
Or, maybe, a happy ending.

I wait for him to get home,
Just so we can talk a few minutes,
Before he falls asleep without goodbye.

I wait for the timing to be right,
So I can pack my boxes,
And leave in that truck.

I wait for my family to accept,
The way I live my life,
And who I choose to love.

I wait to put my notice in,
And tell my boss to shove it,
As I walk out the front door.

I wait for a few weeks more,
Until I recieve that paper,
And college is over.

I wait to take that last breath,
As I leave this body,
And see what's on the other side.

I spend so much time waiting,
It seems like half my life goes by,
Just sitting here, waiting...

What I wait for every day, I am not totally sure,
For all I know, I'm waiting for my life to finally begin,
So here I will stay, still waiting, until I find what I am waiting for.

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