VB ( / Phillipines)


Days melt into night like a icicle into earth
A puddle of time just existing without worth
Once beautiful full of life did it once spark
Now a meaningless journey with nowhere to embark

Thoughts trangress and lead back to you
Not able to stay together they become unglued
Replaced by her and emptiness is what I now see
It is the empty shell inside you that replaces me

Memories detained they tranform like bullets burried in holes
Open wounds now bleed sadness onto my inflicted soul
Misunderstood into a confused state of grace
Takes me now to this familiar place

Trying to convince myself that what I did was right
All I see is darkness in the emptiness of the night
Please everyone else, out of obligated force
Can't overcome all the obstacles in this ill-fated course
Lost in a maze I wonder alone
Finding no warmth, to shelter from the cold
I guess this is where you go when you choose the unknown
Enslaved to uncertainty these chains I now hold
Weight becoming unbearable I fester inside
Walking endlessly, with no one to confide

I come upon a corner and come out on the other side
A darken empty field where the past now resides
Wilted grass covered with cracked fallen leaves
Leading me to the hill, of a huge beautiful tree
A swing hanging from the branch swinging alone in the wind
Tears strewn down my face, from remembering him
Remembering him and how life use to be
Remembering how I felt, because he loved me
Every song that plays I see his face
It always takes me back to our beautiful place
No regret is what I will always feel
Were you a dream or was it real
Things just didn't happen like we had planned
I am just as confused and cannot understand
Why I still dream of him until dawns early light
Why I still make a wish at 11: 11 every night
Why I still miss him in my life so dearly
Why without him I cannot make sense or see things clearly
Why so cold from without his touch I am lost
Why did I risk losing him at such a high cost
Consequences and questions do I now face
As I visit the graveyard of our perfect heavenly place
Souls apart indeed, oh how I do feel as if apart of me has died
I will lay here in the grass till the pain subsides
Hoping that one day, our worlds will collide
Together again, on a starry, starry night
Where I will meet you by the swing, by the opal moonlight

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