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God says to me
Wait my dear wait
Someday a star will come in your life

Wait my dear wait
A girl will come in your life soon

She will love you, she will adore you
She will be your best friend.

She will take away your loneliness and make you happy
She will enlighten your life everyday

I say to God
Upto when I have to wait

I am getting older everyday
I am getting weaker everyday

Am I not loveable, am I not adorable
Even I have a heart, I am also a man

Am I not smart, am I not lovely
Can a girl not make me her friend

Finally I say to him

If I still have to wait
I don't want to live, I want to die.

by Vikash Kumar

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Comments (5)

...your yearning is sweetly simple and comes straight to heart....perhaps from your heart.....
an innocent rendering of longing...but don't all good things happen at their own pace... vikash...
waiting sometimes becomes monotonous....but it is fruitful...good poem
vikas, a beautiful piece....waiting is hopeful...we all are waiting for someone or something...just wait till the right time comes...um, she will come soon... sarah
Vikash good poem. just remember there is a fixed time for everything and nothing will or can occur before or after the destined time. just wait till then. keep your hopes up. take care seema