I promise not to cry no more
To kiss these tears goodbye
Cause I found someone I could trust
To help me get over the lonely past
But why am I crying again?
Why do pain keeps on tearing me inside?
I don’t know what I did wrong
I want to find a place where I belong
Lonely nights are here again
Trying to make me feel alone
I cant fight the feeling, im still in grief
I have no words to say, better not speak
If only I could turn back the time
I wont let her repeat the stupid line
But no one could hear or see me now,
He found another one somehow
But I know he will stay here with me
Though I don’t talk to him
Though I don’t share a laugh with him
His smiles will always be in my heart
His warm words would always bring me comfort
I’ll live my life hoping he’ll stop
And see me for a little while
It would take forever but I’ll stay
I’ll be patient I wont fade away

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this is a wonderful poem because in my life, its true!